Why does my hit counter not match up with your stats?

There are many reasons that a visitor will not register with your

* A user cancels out the window before your site loads

* The user is on a slow connection and the request times out

* The user is behind an ISP with a proxy.

* The user’s browser served the request from cache instead of from your

* Your site was unavailable at the time of request

* Your tracking software could not handle concurrent connections

* Google Analytics and other programs like Awstats wont track our
visitors and should not be use to track paid traffic. For example Google
and Awstats have no way to detect whether traffic is redirect or not.
The main reason they don’t pick it up is due to cookies. As a redirect,
cookies are considered 3rd party. They can not read 3rd party cookies
due to default browser settings. This is common with most paid traffic.
We recommend you use your client panel that is associated with your
account. If you want to use a 3rd party we recommend you only use
www.Statcounter.com or Raw Server Logs which are the most accurate
method for traffic comparison.

Will I make more sales?

Although we have many satisfied & repeat customers, we still cannot guarantee that you will generate more sales. This is highly dependent on your site’s sales copy, price point, demand for your product or service and overall web site presentation. Using our services also gives your site EXPOSURE and presence on the web. Results can always come at a later time, as a lot of visitors save (bookmark) the site information they visited in there favorites.

I’ve just ordered, when will my campaign start?

After your payment is processed you campaign will go live usually within 24- 48 hours.

Upon payment we need to verify your site so it is sent to our review team for approval. 
If there is a problem with your site you will be notified immediately. 
All campaigns are setup within 24-48 hours, but most of the time its even quicker.
If you ordered on a Friday you might have to wait until Monday for your campaign to start.

How can I make my campaign more effective?

Optimize your site to make it load quickly or design a page that not only loads quickly, but makes use of things such as special offers, good colour schemes, etc. Anything that may appeal to your target audience.

Why should I purchase from TrafficJar.com

We only send quality traffic at the most competitive rates possible with the fastest service and<br> absolutely no hidden fees. Your campaign will go live usually within 24 hours, but in most cases, much faster.

Are you using Black Hat Trick ?

No, we are not using any black hat trick to work on your order.